eFORMz® for Epicor®

Forms and label generation that fits the unique needs of your business process

Output Versatility

Minisoft’s eFORMz is a powerful forms and label generation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering application output. eFORMz takes standard print output from a software application system and transforms it into attractive, functional forms that can be distributed via print, email, or sent to an archive provider. eFORMz extends existing business processes. Use eFORMz to eliminate any pre-printed form, merge data streams to create specialized documents and/or automate the generation of forms and labels.



Attractive & Functional Forms

Use eFORMz to produce a variety of customer-facing documents such as packing lists/collates, shipping labels, 1D/2D/QR barcodes, invoices, purchase orders, customs documentation, checks, bills of lading and more. eFORMz can be used to solve a wide range of business challenges. Use business rules in eFORMz to develop smart forms that can actually make decisions based on your Epicor® ERP output.



Drop-Ship Template Library

Access hundreds of different drop ship packing lists that are fully compliant with retailer specifications. View some packing lists from our template library at our Fulfillment Center.


Ship smarter and sell more with every package you ship, using our special DuplexPackSlip® forms and labels.

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