Transactional Email Solution

eDIRECT comes standard with every eFORMz implementation and is used for operations like sending emails with PDF attachments. eDIRECT+ is an optional add-on for transactional HTML emailing and SMS/MMS output (text/multimedia messages)
# of Attachments Per Email 1 ANY
# of Messages Per Email 1 ANY
Dynamic Printer Output YES YES
PDF Email Attachments YES YES
Basic Archiving NO YES
Built-In Email Server NO YES
Web Service Output NO YES


The eDIRECT PLUS Transactional Email Server transforms generic, plain-text event-triggered email into highly branded and personalized messages. These messages are capable of driving incremental revenue through relevant cross and up-sell offers. eDIRECT PLUS extends the business logic of your existing e-commerce or ERP system to dynamically create specialized messages that properly reflect your company’s identity.

Retain Brand Consistency.

Use eDIRECT PLUS to add customized messages to promote special discounts, unique events, one time offers, holiday announcements and much more! Reach out to your customers with messaging that is consistent with your corporate websites and brands. Ensure that your customers will experience your unique brand from the start of a sale to the end, encouraging future customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Seamless Integration.

eDIRECT PLUS is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing back-end business processes and data sources so that customized messages are generated automatically. It also features a powerful, dynamic message assembly engine which transforms a plain-text transactional email into branded company communications.

Enhance Performance. Lower Costs.

Minisoft eDIRECT PLUS can enhance your email marketing performance, boost deliverability and lower costs. In addition, the latest email delivery, authentication and bounce processing technologies are at your fingertips.

Harness the power of Minisoft eDIRECT PLUS today!

eDIRECT PLUS and eFORMz saves money and resources

  • Support for HTML, Secure PDF or XML output.
  • Style sheets included for creating dynamic content to match an organization’s identity and brand.
  • Conditional logic to set up simple or complex “what if” conditions that determine what and when content is sent and to whom.
  • Easily incorporate web links, pictures and graphics into emails.
  • Ensure delivery of readable emails by sending in multi-part MIME – recipient will receive HTML or text versions dependent on their email settings.
  • Smart email management tools to track open rates, unsubscribe, one-click opt-out and bounced emails.
  • Schedule dates and times to send automated invitations, “save the date” reminders, confirmations, and post-event “thank you’s”.
  • SMS Gateway support for text notifications and alerts. MMS output (photo/video) is also supported.
  • Direct output to one or more output destinations including email, SMS (Short Message Service), printfile, diskfile or fax.
  • Ad-hoc email for sending personalized emails to specific customers.
  • Feature for dynamically integrating relevant cross and up-sell offers based on prior purchases or stated preferences.
  • Reporting and statistics to measure the success or failure of real-time client interactions.

Sample Templates