Minisoft’s ePreview Allows QAD Users to Render Forms to their Desktops for Preview
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—April 23, 2013—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generation, transactional email, CRM and legacy connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the release of ePreview, a new application that displays archived forms to a user’s desktop for preview.

In response to requests from Minisoft’s QAD customers, forms built with Minisoft’s eFORMz can now be rendered to a user’s desktop for preview using ePreview. Minisoft’s ePreview application displays forms from an archive in an attractive dashboard, which can be deployed in a standard web browser or using Minisoft’s eReader content viewer. Once rendered to the screen, output can be reviewed before printing or emailing.

About Minisoft

Headquartered in Snohomish, Washington, Minisoft is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering forms and label generationtransactional email and CRM solutions. Minisoft also produces connectivity and middleware tools for legacy business systems such as IBM iSeries and Hewlett Packard. Since 1983, Minisoft has prided itself on providing innovative software technology. Driven by the experiences and feedback of our customers, Minisoft continues to affirm its mission of delivering superior software solutions.

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