Product Manuals

Minisoft License Agreement PDF


Forms and Label Generation


eFORMz Reference Manual v11.03 PDF
eFORMz Reference Manual v11.01 PDF
eFORMz Manual v10.5 PDF
eFORMz Reference Manual v10.5 PDF
eFORMz Director PDF
eFORMz Mini-Manuals
     Web Services PDF
     Logging PDF
     Barcoding PDF
     Document Template PDF
     eReader PDF
     Graphical Charting PDF
     Record Element – XML PDF
     Text to XML Converter PDF
eDIRECT + v10.0 PDF
eFORMz Catalog PDF

eFORMz Product Specs

Product Features PDF
System Requirements PDF
Release Notes PDF


Vertical Specific

Fiserv Spectrum Specific Setup User Guide for Minisoft eFORMz PDF
Manhattan: WMi Configurable Collate PDF
QAD: Text to XML Converter PDF
Blue Yonder/JDA – Direct Commerce
   Configuring Purchase Order Output for Emailing PDF

Middleware – Client Server and Web Development Tool

MiddleMan PDF
ODBC for Unix PDF


Connectivity – Terminal Emulation

TermTalk Script Language Reference PDF
TermTalk – Host Controls PDF
Javelin PDF
Minisoft – Pocket 92 PDF
Minisoft-92 for Windows PDF
Minisoft-92 for DOS PDF
Minisoft-92 Script Manual PDF
Minisoft 320 – Getting Started Manual PDF
Minisoft 320 – Programming Reference Manual PDF
Minisoft 320 – Help File Reference PDF
Minisoft 3270 and 5250 PDF
MS92 for MAC PDF
Minisoft Secure 92 PDF



MiniWord Training Guide PDF
MiniWord Tool Kit PDF
MiniWord Reference Manual PDF
NetPrint 92 PDF