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MSJOB – Server Console

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You can control the MSJOB processes through either of these two utilities:

  • Windows based Server Console
  • HP e3000 based MSJOBCMD

Server Console

The Minisoft server console application can be used to monitor and control the background MSJOB. You can view a list of the current users and optionally stop individual processes or the job.

The logon must be from a valid OP capable user in order to take full advantage of the console features.

The operator can selectively start or stop any licensed Client Server product. The operator may also stop any individual user process without affecting other users.


File Size Date Download
ServerConsole.exe 1,187,170 December 29, 2008 [HTTP]



Enter the Host name or IP address. By default, MSSERVER listens on port 30000. You must supply a valid user with OP capability.

The top window will show the waiting servers.

After selecting the server you wish to view; the bottom window displays the active sessions including pin number, program executing, logon user, and cumulative CPU time for the process.

You can select a single server or process to stop. By selecting a server, all the processes that have started under it will be stopped.

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