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Connecting eFORMz to Infor SX.e API

Infor SX.e has the ability to be set up for API capabilities. This allows information to be pulled and pushed into Info SX.e. eFORMz can connect to this API an use it to pull order, warehouse, customer, and many other pieces of information from Infor SX.e. This allows eFORMz to dynamically pull up-to-date information to generate documents and generate shipping labels with Ship/FX. It also allows eFORMz to mark orders shipped and push shipment information into Infor SX.e.

In order for eFORMz to connect to the API a few pieces of authentication for your instance will be needed: 

  • The URL you created for the API
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Username
  • Password

Please make sure that the version of Infor SX.e that you have supports the API functionality.

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