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Troubleshooting: File in Use

Problem: The eFORMz Director Toolkit is configured to pick up file from a network share, but the files are not picked up. The log says “File in use”, but the file is not in use.

          **** Queue Monitor Warehouse for \\dcapp3\test2 ****
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM)   Message fence = 0
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Queue Monitor Started ******
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Checking ******
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) File in use: \\dcapp3\test2\P1010001_0925_1017.J402090
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Sleeping ******

Solution: First, verify the following conditions:

  • Only one instance of the Director Toolkit is reading files from the remote location.
  • The file is not locked by any other application.

After verifying these conditions, open the Service Properties window for the eFORMz ServiceManager service and click the Log On tab:

The Local System account should not be selected if the Director Toolkit is picking up files from a network share. This account is only for operations on the local system. Complete these steps to change the account the eFORMz ServiceManager uses:

  1. Click This account > Browse.
  2. Enter Network Service and select the Network Service account. Alternatively, if your security policy permits, you can specify an account that has access to network resources.
  3. Click OK > OK.
  4. Close all eFORMz windows.
  5. Restart the eFORMz service.

If the service already authenticates as Network Service, check the file permissions.

If the problem persists, please contact Minisoft Support at 800 682 0200.

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