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Unicode Blocks and other graphical symbols

If you need an empty box, a solid arrow, or a circle to appear on the form, you can use a constant string with a single Unicode character. The image produced can be any size. Some examples:

  • 0.1 inch

  • 0.5 inch

Some of the more common Unicode characters employed by eFORMz users are listed below with their corresponding codes:

IMPORTANT: Not all fonts accept Unicode. For example, Arial does not accept Unicode, but ArialUnicode font does.

C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement

\u00a1 ¡ Inverted Exclamation Mark
\u00a2 ¢ Cent sign
\u00a3 £ Pound sign
\u00a4 ¤ Currency sign
\u00a5 ¥ Yen sign (Chinese Yuan [CNY] & Japanese Yen [JPY])
\u00a6 ¦ Broken bar
\u00a7 § Section sign
\u00a9 © Copyright sign
\u00ab « Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
\u00ae ® Registered sign
\u00b0 ° Degree symbol
\u00b1 ± Plus-minus sign
\u00b5 μ Micro sign
\u00b6 ¶ Pilcrow sign
\u00bb » Right-pointing double angle quotation mark
\u00bc ¼ Vulgar fraction one quarter
\u00bd ½ Vulgar fraction one half
\u00be ¾ Vulgar fraction three quarters

Geometric Shapes

\u25a0 ■ Black square
\u25a1 □ White square
\u25ba ► Black right-pointing pointer
\u25c4 ◄ Black left-pointing pointer
\u25cf ● Black circle

General Punctuation

\u2022 ● Bullet
\u2713 ✓ Checkmark

Letterlike Symbols

\u2122 ™ Trademark Sign

Currency Symbols

\u20ac € Euro Sign

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