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MS92 and the Intermec 6400 Handheld Wireless Computer

Using MS92 with an Intermec 6400 Handheld Wireless Computer


Do you use Bar Codes because of the improved data integrity and speed of data entry?

Minisoft 92 for DOS (LWP) allows you to make a wireless network connection from an Intermec 6400 Handheld computer to your HP e3000. You can run your character or block mode applications.

Other wireless devices should also work with a vendor supplied ODI driver. Please send a note to Minisoft Support <> with any successes so that we can post the details for others.

Using the Intermec 6400

This device works as a standard 386 based DOS 5.0 computer with a CGA display. The network is configured with an ODI driver and the Novell TCP/IP stack.

Minisoft 92 for DOS will display your application on the virtual screen as 80 columns and 24 lines. The display on the handheld is a viewport of 20 columns and 18 lines. Use the viewport scroll keys to look at different portions of your application.

Review the MOVSCRN.EXE documentation for your handheld. “MOVSCRN 0” sets the viewport to the bottom left. “MOVSCRN 1” sets the viewport to the top left.

The default colors are Light-Blue on Light-Cyan. This does not translate well to the LCD screen. Use the Color Configuration screen of MS92 to select an appropriate color pair.

Files needed


MS92.MSG – These files can be obtained from Minisoft by contacting your sales office.

Configuring MS92 for DOS with the LAN-Work-Place option.

Alt-X to enable the system Fkeys.

F4 to enter configuration Fkeys.

F7 to enter the Network Configuration screen.

F3 (PREVIOUS CHOICE) to select Network Type = NS3000.

Tab to Host Name field and enter the IP address of the HP e3000.

F1 to enable the configuration.

Configuration files:

These are sample configuration files. Your site IP addresses will be different. You may need different settings for your wireless connection. Use lstat to verify the connection after any changes.


Append the following line to “config.sys”.

shell=c:\ c:\ /e:512 /p


Make sure the following lines are in “autoexec.bat”.  Do not load the PC/TCP drivers.

REM MS92 odipkt
REM MS92 ethdrv > ethdrv.log
REM MS92 for %%i in (dhcpfile snmpfile) do if exist %%i.bat call %%i


Here is a sample of what the “net.cfg” file should look like.

Protocol tcpip

Link Support
Buffers 8 1514
MemPool 4096

Link Driver Emulations
Lan_ID 0

Link Driver WVLAN43
FRAME Ethernet_II
FRAME Ethernet_802.3
FRAME Ethernet_802.2
WaveLAN_Network_Name "INTERMEC"
Station_Name "Intermec 6400"
Medium_Reservation 500
Card_Power_Management Y


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