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Custom Form And Label Sizes

Custom form and label sizes can be added to the eFORMzCfg_User.xml file. You assign a name to the custom form that you wish to add (which will appear in the drop-down Page Size list for the form) and then define the decipoint values associated with the height and width:

720 x { width/height in inches } = decipoint value
Ex. 2 inches x 720 = 1440 decipoints

To add a custom form or label size to eFORMz, you will need to add a particular declaration to your eFORMzcfg_User.xml file. Below is a sample declaration for a label of 4 inches (width) by 2 inches (height):

<PageDimension Name="4 x 2 Label" PCLNumber="2" PortraitA="2880" PortraitB="1440" PortraitC="2880" PortraitD="1440" PortraitE="0" PortraitF="0" PortraitG="0" PortraitH="0" LandscapeA="1440" LandscapeB="2880" LandscapeC="1440" LandscapeD="2880" LandscapeE="0" LandscapeF="0" LandscapeG="0" LandscapeH="0" />

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