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Command Line Director Service Control (Preview)

* This “Preview” document is intended to provide some details into a soon to be released feature. Please keep watching for the release date.

The following command line utility can be used to automate control of the Director service. This will be useful for automating backups.

java -jar Run.jar - com.minisoft.Director.manage.DirectorCommand [options]

where [options] are:

  • host=<host address> – default is “localhost”
  • port=<port>  – default is 9996
  • user=<username>  – Director management user name
  • password=<password>  – Director management password
  • shutdown  – Shut down the Director
  • status  – Display the running configurations
  • startcfg=<cfg file name>  – Start the named configuration file
  • stopcfg=<cfg name>  – Stop the named configuration
  • restartcfg=<cfg name> – Restart the named configuration
  • reload=eformzcfg  – Reload the eFORMzCfg.xml files
  • reload=printerscfg  – Reload Printers.xml
  • reload=databasescfg – Reload Databases.xml
  • reload=archivecfg  – Reload Archives.xml

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