DuplexPackSlip® Transactional Laser Labels

Ship smarter. Sell more.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level

DuplexPackSlip® transactional laser labels allow retailers to incorporate special offers, pre-paid returns, targeted cross-sells, loyalty rewards, or gift cards with every customer order.


How does it work?


Ship Smarter

DuplexPackSlip transactional laser forms make use of patented DuplexPackSlip® tear strip technology, which means you receive all of the business process benefits of using a DuplexPackSlip transactional thermal label.

Sell More

Use the package you already ship as a vehicle for selling more. With DuplexPackSlip transactional forms and labels, every customer order can generate new sales while reinforcing a retailer’s brands and enhancing the customer experience.

The DuplexPackSlip® Mini



Based off of the A5 paper size, the DuplexPackSlip Mini features a 4.25in x 6in printing space for the shipping label and packing slip. Accessible by an easy-to-tear perforation, the packing list is printed on the back of the label. As with all DuplexPackSlip laser labels, the colors and margins are completely customizable. Any logos or colors can be pre-printed or dynamically printed depending on your needs or preferences.


The DuplexPackSlip Multi-Use combines a DuplexPackSlip and a multi-use paper space on the 8.5in x 11in format. This space is primarily used for integrating a pick list, but it can be utilized in other ways.